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Title: Wallflower

Summary: A few months into first year Remus is returning from yet another full moon.  His friends still don't know about his lycanthropy, and Sirius finds Remus on his return from the Hospital Wing and confronts him – again. Oneshot, part of my ‘Preslash’ series.

Word Count: 647



"Remus! Remus!" A dark haired boy ran to catch up with his limping friend, yanking his arm to force the blond boy to face him.

"What is wrong with you? Where have you been? And don't give me that 'I went to visit my poor, dear, dying mum' crap because you know it bollocks!"

"I told you. I went to visit my 'poor, dear, dying, mum'." The young blond sneered before turning to start walking once more. The Black heir slammed the blond into the wall, wincing at his involuntary cry of pain.

"Well if you did we're not going to let you go back there. Every month you go to 'visit' your 'mum', and every month you come back limping, sore, and covered in bruises. You'd probably come back bathed in blood with those cuts you know we've seen gaping open if you didn't visit Pomphrey first. If you mum leaves you in such a state you shouldn't go."

"Stop it."

"It's logic. If whenever you go see your mum you come back beat up it must mean that it happens at your mum's."

"Stop it."

"Even the teachers know. They get all edgy and protective before and after you have to go. Tell you you don't have to hand in homework assignments, tell you to miss class to 'rest', try get you to actually eat for once. Are they so worried about what your mum's gonna do to you too?"

"Stop it. Mum would never-"

"Merlin Remus, just tell us! Just tell me! You-"

"Stop it! Damnit Black! This isn't right! You're not supposed to notice me! You're not supposed to like me! You're not supposed to notice I'm gone, or that I'm hurt! You're not supposed to make me lie to you, you're not supposed to know that I lie to you! I'm not supposed to have to lie so often, I'm not supposed to regret lying or, or keeping secrets! You're supposed to be loud, and obnoxious, and popular, and I'm supposed to be, be, wallflower! We're not supposed to be… friends…"

"But we are." The blonde looked at the young Black desperately. He sighed.

"C'mon Rem, it'll be curfew soon. We need to get you back."

And although the two boys didn't make it to the dorm without getting detention, and although that instance was never again spoken of, an understanding had been made, a new level of trust forged, and a friendship deepened. It was barely two months later that James, Peter and Sirius figured out their friend's secret, and it was with this conversation in mind that Sirius vowed to do anything and everything to help his friend. It wasn't until the end of the Summer holidays that Sirius discovered the right track to embark on, and so began the three year struggle of becoming Anamagi, and it was with that suggestion that the Marauders were formed. And although the two friends had their ups and downs, Remus' hair going dark, Sirius deciding he didn't like girls, the coming up with the nicknames, the Snape Incident, the OWL's, Remus and Sirius kissing during a game of Truth or Dare, Lily Evans deciding to go out with James, Matilda Blaithe cheating on Peter, the NEWT's, Sirius' motorbike, anti-werewolf legislation laws, finding jobs, planning weddings, the war, the Order, Harry Potter's birth, Lily and James Potter's death, and 13 years spent in Askaban and almost suicidal depression respectively, when they finally embraced in front of our favourite trio, after all that had happened to them, they came home.


AN: No, I do not believe that you can choose what animal to become, and therefore their nicknames couldn't have come until end of 4th/beginning of 5th year (by this timeline). It says in the Prisoner of Askaban that it took James, Peter and Sirius "The best part of three years" to become anamagi.



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