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Title: Hermione Granger

Summary: Hermione’s point of view of “the Boggart Debacle of ’96”.  In which the mystery of the two males is explained!  Well, for this one I’ve again put her worst/most feared memory, instead of her worst fear, but whatever!

Word Count: 499



Boggarts again. It was the only thing I failed in third year. I shake my head. I can't believe that my greatest fear then was failing. Though this one probably isn't much better.

I watched everyone change the Boggart into something they found amusing. It really says a lot for your imagination. I suppose it's a good thing that I'm always most terrified of obscure things so I won't have to come across them often, because, quite frankly, I suck at facing them.

"Mr. Malfoy, you're up next!" Ron elbowed Harry in the side.

"Now we get to see what Malfoy's afraid of. What do you reckon, having a hair out of place? Uglyness? Maybe it will turn into a cracked mirror!" Ron started giggling. I sniffed, irritated. Why couldn't Ron just grow up? Whatever it is it's obviously scary for him, and we shouldn't give him a hard time because of it.

It turned into himself. Ron started giggling louder. I glared at him, I really think Malfoy is afraid of something other then a misplaced hair.

The mirror-Malfoy sneered at the real one and turned it's wand on Harry.




Now it was kneeling in thick, black robes.

"I li-"



And now it's holding out it's forearm. He's getting the Dark Mark!



And now mirror-Malfoy looks insane, and is aiming his wand at the class-



And now the wand is back at Harry! Why isn't the professor doing anything-




Dead Harry. Right, that's it. I raise my wand-



-and Sirius is falling through the Veil. Harry looks like he's going into shock! Crap, I really don't want to do this.



And there is Sirius giving Remus head. Yup, turns out they were less friends and more lovers. It really does make sense though, when you think about it. And just guess how I found out. I mean, walking in on the teacher you had a crush on in third year receiving head from your best friend's godfather is probably one of the lesser traumatic things you can see. Yes, I'd recommend it.




Of course, now is when you take control of the lesson. Just because you can't handle gay sex. Or maybe it's because it just turns you on so much-

"Alright everyone, good lesson! Class dismissed! I want a 4 inch essay on why the Boggart turned into what it did!" Honestly, it's what Boggarts are supposed to do. What stupid homework.


"After class!" I can't tell him now, although I should, just to see the stupid professor's face change colours.

My attention is caught by Malfoy leaving the room. I hide a grin as I pack up my bag. Worst fear is killing Harry? Afraid of torturing him and Harry dying? Doesn't want to be marked, pledge his allegiance to You-Know-Who or kill people? Yes, I think it's time Malfoy and I had a little talk.



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