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Title: Betting Moony

Summary: Sirius and James play a game of muggle poker.  Simply to raise the stakes and for mind-buggery James bets Remus.

Word Count: 569 – yesssss…



"You can't bet Moony!" At this indignant exclamation Remus Lupin, Prefect, werewolf and closet gay, looked up. He observed his three best friends sitting at one of the tables in the common room. Sirius (Padfoot) looked highly affronted, while James (Prongs) looked smug. Peter (Wormtail) looked between the two before glancing at Remus and raising an eyebrow.

"I just did."

"No! That doesn't count!"

"I assure you it does." Remus cursed his natural curiosity before marking his page (NOT using dog-ears) and ambling over to watch the game. One of the muggle-borns had taught the 5th years and above how to play poker, which had quickly become a nightly occurrence between James and Sirius. Remus and Peter rarely played, as they did not have enough money to be giving it away, but Peter often watched.

It seemed that tonight they decided to heighten the stakes a tad.

"What's going on here?" Sirius jumped at the sound of Remus' voice before turning around and hugging his waist.

"Moony! Tell him he can't bet you!"

"Why would you be betting me in the first place?"

It took a while for anyone to answer. James just sat there with his arms crossed, smirking (bastard) and Sirius burrowed his face further into Remus' jumper-clad naval before Peter decided that no one else was going to explain.

"Well, Sirius was winning, and James said that he was only winning because James was getting bored with playing with money. Sirius asked (well, challenged) James to raise the stakes, so James agreed, but then bet you."

Remus cursed and tried to detach himself from the Sirius-shaped growth he had acquired. Couldn't they just play strip poker like normal people? (mmm…. Naked Sirius… no! Bad mind! Besides, Pete said James was winning)

"Why me?"

"James mblmbl prick" came from somewhere around Remus' hips (cursed bastard! He's moved lower!)

"Fine. I'll bet Sirius then." That got the bastard's attention. He sat up and glared at the bespectacled boy shuffling the deck (he hasn't actually let go yet…)

"No way am I putting myself in your sadistic, grubby paws for even a minute!"

"Actually Pads, I'm the only one who doesn't have paws. I have hoofs."

"Bloody snarky, conceited, bastard bovine." James paused his shuffling, cocking his head to the side in consideration.

"Actually, I'm not sure if stag's are bovines. Planning on letting go of your boyfriend anytime soon?" Sirius glared. Forget sparks and daggers; halberds, acid and lasers would be coming out of his eyes now.

"Not my boyfriend." he managed to grind out. James just shrugged (SHRUGGED!) and resumed shuffling the cards.

"So what do you want to bet?"

"You're a bastard."

"You've said that already. If you can't think of anything better I'm betting Moony. Whoever wins gets his servitude for a day."

"Hey? Don't I have to agree to this or something?" By this point most of the common room was staring at them. Remus resumed tugging at Sirius' arms, but he just glared at Remus and tightened his hold before returning to his incredulous staring at James. Who shrugged (again) and said

"Take it or leave it."

"Cliché Potter."

"Touché Black."

"You really can't use that word in the right context can you." James just shrugged (yet again) and started dealing the cards.

"So? You game?" Sirius snarled and grabbed his cards with one hand, the other still wrapped around Remus' waist.



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