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Title: Halo of Flames

Summary: Chapter 6 of ‘Marauders’, in which Shakespeare is quoted and break is forgotten about.

Word Count:


Halo of Flames )

Black Love

Sep. 2nd, 2010 02:26 am
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Title: Black Love

Summary: Chapter 5 of ‘Marauders’, in which Peter is right and denial is strong (also wrong).

Word Count:


Black Love )


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Title: To catch a firebird...

Summary: Chapter 4 of ‘Marauders’, in which Sirius gets a makeover, Lily is blamed, and James needs help with his wooing tactics.
Word Count: 652


To catch a firebird... )

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Title: I love Thursdays

Summary: Chapter 3 of ‘Marauders’, in which James wants a shower, Remus needs coffee (for once), Sirius is far too chipper for the ungodly hour of breakfast on a Thursday and Peter is surprisingly shrewd.

Word Count: 814


I love Thursdays )

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Title: The Boys get Timetables!
Summary: Well, I had no life and decided it would be fun to create hypothetical timetables for imaginary boys!  I then based the story around the timetables, and have finally decided that some things may make more sense to you lovely readers if you were able to look at what I was!  Especially for this next chapter.  So here we are!
Word Count: 316, but does it really matter?
Et le Timtables! )
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Title: Moony's Timetable

Summary: Chapter 2 of ‘Marauders’, in which Sirius’ knowledge of Remus’ timetable is slightly disturbing.
Word Count: 742


Moony's Timetable )

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Title: Just Daydreaming!
Summary: Chapter 1 of 'Marauders', in which the boys, their handwriting, an invention and boredom are introduced.

Word Count: 818


Just Daydreaming! )




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