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Title: Halo of Flames

Summary: Chapter 6 of ‘Marauders’, in which Shakespeare is quoted and break is forgotten about.

Word Count:


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Black Love

Sep. 2nd, 2010 02:26 am
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Title: Black Love

Summary: Chapter 5 of ‘Marauders’, in which Peter is right and denial is strong (also wrong).

Word Count:


Black Love )


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Title: To catch a firebird...

Summary: Chapter 4 of ‘Marauders’, in which Sirius gets a makeover, Lily is blamed, and James needs help with his wooing tactics.
Word Count: 652


To catch a firebird... )

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Title: I love Thursdays

Summary: Chapter 3 of ‘Marauders’, in which James wants a shower, Remus needs coffee (for once), Sirius is far too chipper for the ungodly hour of breakfast on a Thursday and Peter is surprisingly shrewd.

Word Count: 814


I love Thursdays )

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Title: The Boys get Timetables!
Summary: Well, I had no life and decided it would be fun to create hypothetical timetables for imaginary boys!  I then based the story around the timetables, and have finally decided that some things may make more sense to you lovely readers if you were able to look at what I was!  Especially for this next chapter.  So here we are!
Word Count: 316, but does it really matter?
Et le Timtables! )
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Title: Moony's Timetable

Summary: Chapter 2 of ‘Marauders’, in which Sirius’ knowledge of Remus’ timetable is slightly disturbing.
Word Count: 742


Moony's Timetable )

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Title: Just Daydreaming!
Summary: Chapter 1 of 'Marauders', in which the boys, their handwriting, an invention and boredom are introduced.

Word Count: 818


Just Daydreaming! )



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Title: Between You And I

Summary: Minerva McGonagall is certain she knows Sirius Black to the T, but during his careers appointment Minerva discovers facets of his personality that she forgot, and a dedication she was unaware of.  As she realizes just how little she knows the enigma that is the Black heir, she remembers why she shouldn't assume.  A Sirius/Minerva mentor fic – I do so love them!

Word Count: 850


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Title: The Staggering Reality

Summary: For three years Lily Evans rejected the affections of James Potter. Only now, on the train ride home for the Christmas Holidays, do the infamous Marauders find out why. Came to me whilst listening to The Veronicas' "Secret".

Word Count: 1281


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Title: Freaks in Common

Summary: Sirius Black is determined to befriend shy bookworm Remus Lupin, but Remus is strangely reluctant. What lengths will he go to to make the enigma that is the heir to the Black fortune give up? Warnings: slight m/m, 11yr olds kissing, one swear word.

Word Count: 426


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Title: Pitted Perfect

Summary: Sirius loves Remus' lips. The only thing that could possibly make them better would be if they were his.

Word Count: 487


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Title: Betting Moony

Summary: Sirius and James play a game of muggle poker.  Simply to raise the stakes and for mind-buggery James bets Remus.

Word Count: 569 – yesssss…


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Aug. 29th, 2010 07:28 pm
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Title: Wallflower

Summary: A few months into first year Remus is returning from yet another full moon.  His friends still don't know about his lycanthropy, and Sirius finds Remus on his return from the Hospital Wing and confronts him – again. Oneshot, part of my ‘Preslash’ series.

Word Count: 647


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