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Title: Five times Sgt. Sally Donovan contemplated putting a bullet in Sherlock (and one time she took a bullet for him).
Summary: Written for this prompt on the BBC Sherlock kink_meme.  Sort of turned more into "Five times Sgt. Sally Donovan was wrong about Sherlock (and one time she realised it)."  Sgt. Sally Donovan hates Sherlock Holmes, enough to save his life.  But only after shooting him first (mentally).
Word Count: 1738

Five times Sgt. Sally Donovan contemplated putting a bullet in Sherlock (and one time she took a bullet for him) )

Pens Out

Apr. 8th, 2011 06:28 pm
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Title: Pens Out
Summary: John's therapist has determined that blogging isn't helping him rehabilitate.  It is her decision that John needs to do something to supplement writing or he won't accept that adventure isn't part of his life anymore.  It's a pity John finds drawing quite boring - mostly.
Original Prompt: By [livejournal.com profile] sostrangechild on my fic "Not Quite Safe" here: "John takes up drawing as a hobby in the little time he gets to himself. Tiring of drawing trees, the kettle, and the chemistry apparatus, he begins to draw Sherlock when the man is deep in thought, and won't move for days. Being this focused, he doesn't notice John at first, but discovers John's sketchbook a few days later. He routinely steals it from there in. :)"
Notes: This didn't turn out quite what [livejournal.com profile] sostrangechild  was expecting, methinks.  And it was prompted about 6 months ago now, so just a little late, but I know that [livejournal.com profile] sostrangechild  had to spend today doing lovely fun things like tedious and boring assignments all day, so this is to make her day just a little brighter, hopefully (given it's not exactly what's expected, but the prompt is there!  Just not... obvious...).  Strange, this is for you!
Also, I do imagine the stolen picture would look like this, but author's rules say look at it after reading.
Word Count: 2664
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Title: Not Quite Safe

Summary: Quick fill for a prompt – the prompt was something along the lines of ‘with all that running they do there has to be some dragging along by the hand’.  So here we have Sherlock and John – after episode three, of course!

Word Count: 169 – I’m good at writing these ‘69’ fics!


Not Quite Safe )


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