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Title: Chapter One

Summary: Chapter one of ‘Corridor Care’. After Dumbledore’s untimely death at the end of Draco’s fourth year the shunning of Slytherins has gotten to the point of physical harm for the members.  With a not omniscient headmistress there are no staff members able to help, and those who belong to the snake house must band together to fight the opposing force – a force that looks remarkably like their expected future.  With the entire house looking to Draco for protection and external guiding forces making increasing appearances, future prospects for the snakes look slim, no matter what Potter says.

Word Count: 5096


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Aug. 30th, 2010 06:43 pm
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Title: Unbravery

Summary: A sorting!fic, yay! Remus gets sorted – but not into the house he wanted! Slytherins are too sneaky, Ravenclaws are too intelligent, and Gryffindors are just too darn lucky. If he wants to keep his secret the only choice is Hufflepuff. If only the Sorting Hat agreed.

Contains: cute!Remus, The Cat Lady, The One In The Funny Purple Robes, a Hat, and three Quickly-Loyal Dormmates.

Word Count: 1264


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Title: Between You And I

Summary: Minerva McGonagall is certain she knows Sirius Black to the T, but during his careers appointment Minerva discovers facets of his personality that she forgot, and a dedication she was unaware of.  As she realizes just how little she knows the enigma that is the Black heir, she remembers why she shouldn't assume.  A Sirius/Minerva mentor fic – I do so love them!

Word Count: 850


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