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Title: Anarchy (In Sharpie Hearts)
Summary: Obscurely prompted by this ASofterWorld comic.  Ben gives over to his dark side, Jim likes Coke's reaction.
Word Count: 294


Ben collapsed against the wall, panting, Coke racing around the corner immediately afterwards.  Ben doubled over in laughter, punched the other boy in the arm.  Coke barked then fell to the floor.  Ben had tears coming out of his eyes.  He tried to talk, struggling to draw air into his lungs.

"You- you bastard!  You-"

Coke kicked at him and let his head fall back against the red brick.

"Don't blame me, you agreed!"

Ben laughed again, started coughing.

"You said it'd be fun."  He started sliding down the wall, following Coke down to sit on the ground.

"Nu-uh!  Dangerous."

Coke stared at Ben in wonder, first trying to be serious, then giving up and grinning.  Ben stuck his tongue out in return.



"Synonyms.  Fuck me."  He banged his head against the wall, leaning back to quickly.

"Benny!  You swore!"

Before Coke could do more than try to look appropriately shocked, the shouting started.  Ben swore and jumped to his feet, Coke half a beat behind, but not before Jim and aresefuck Andrew (who's bag they'd just drawn hearts on in Sharpie) rounded the corner.  Andrew hollered.  He reached Ben before either had a chance to take a step, grabbed him by the collar and punched him, hard.  Jim shouted, moved forward, but it was Coke who got there first.

"Hey arsefuck!" And punched Andrew in the jaw twice.  Andrew went down, Jim hauled Ben up, and all three ran before the teachers arrived.

And later, after Coke got back from suspension and Ben didn't need wiring in his jaw (but Andrew couldn't play football for two months), Jim hit Coke on the shoulder and nearly scorched his own eyebrows off with the Bunsen burner and complained over lunch for a week.
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