Black Love

Sep. 2nd, 2010 02:26 am
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Title: Black Love

Summary: Chapter 5 of ‘Marauders’, in which Peter is right and denial is strong (also wrong).

Word Count:


It was now a few weeks into the first term. Peter had successfully found Sirius' stack of drawings (mainly due to a few well-placed tickling charms). After looking at the collection of drawings, he continued to watch Sirius and Remus more carefully. Although he had said nothing of the conclusions he had drawn thus far, after he experienced a melancholy Sirius staring into a fire, he decided it was well past time to confront his canine friend.



You're in love with him.

What? Who?

*raises eyebrow*


*looks to left pointedly*


you're joking right? Haha, very funny. Don't ever do that again, you gave me a heart attack.

Not joking Sirius.

you're serious. You think I'm in love with REMUS?



I know you are.


It's so obvious.

Well it can't be 'cause you're WRONG!

You draw him,


Him more then most. You're always staring at him,

He always sits in front of me!

Would you let me finish? Contradict me when I'm done!

Good. You draw him, stare at him, make up nicknames for him, you always need to know where he is, and panic when you don't, nothing stops you from going with him on a full moon, and I mean NOTHING. When he's in the hospital wing madam Pomfrey literally has to throw you out and lock the door so you don't sneak back in in the middle of the night, you always take his side and stick up for him, you're waaaaay protective, you always listen to what he says, if he compliments you you're on a high for the rest of the day, the slightest criticism makes you depressed for a week. When he's sad or sick you do ANYTHING to make him feel better, you touch him as much as possible, he's the only one who can get you out of bed in the morning without throwing a bucket of water on you and you CONSTANTLY flirt with him.

Are you done yet?

I've got plenty more to say, but you can start contradicting me now.

I draw everyone and he always sits in front of me in class. If you sat in front of me I'd stare at you.

Not in the same way. And you have more drawings of him then of anyone else, I've looked.

He's got good bone structure.

And he's good looking?

If you were into guys.

Which you are.


Yes you are.

WHERE did you get THAT from!

When I said you're in love with him you didn't question the 'him' part, only the 'love' part.


Whatever. Anything else?

Yes, actually. I have nicknames for all you guys. I DON'T need to know where he is, he's his own person. I just worry because the Slytherin's love picking on him more then anyone else. Which is also what I assume you were talking about with the 'protective' thing?

Yes, but not just Slytherin's. You're protective of him around everyone, especially girls and gays. People who look like they're flirting with him. Even 'round James and me sometimes, and you know we'd never be interested in him that way.


It's true. And James and I have a lot less nicknames then Remus does, and none of them have anything to do with flowers, stars or anything that sounds remotely like pillow-talk, and James was right. You hardly ever call him 'Remus' or 'Moony', only your nicknames for him.

No I don't. I'll prove it to you. The moon thing I don't want him to half kill himself, and madam Pomfrey doesn't have to throw me out! That's ridiculous. The rest you're over exaggerating.

Madam Pomfrey does have to throw you out, and you know it. And I'm not over exaggerating.

Yes you are Peter, you're joining dots that don't exist.

You said his name last night.


While you were sleeping.

No I didn't!

It was just a little sigh, you still said it.

No I didn't! I'm not in love with Remus!

Mr. Wormtail thinks mr. Padfoot is in denial.

Mr. Padfoot thinks mr. Wormtail is a prick! Mr. Padfoot holds nothing other then platonic affection for mr. Moony

Learn that of Moony?

Doesn't mean anything!


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