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Title: Oranges in Season
Summary: The boys in Under A Beech Tree have been asking me to write them the purely altruistic purpose of getting me over my writer's block (where instead of not being able to think of things to write I am unable to write either well or quickly).  Also because Coke wanted to meet Benny.  This took entirely much longer than it should have, but I love them so it's okay.
Word Count: 324


A tray slammed down in front of him, a boy with no hair and bright red lipstick following it down.

"Hi!  So, you're hot."

Ben blinked.  Then rubbed his eyes and blinked.  The boy reached across and took his pudding.  Ben took a bite out of his sandwich, just in case.

"I just came from chem.  Mr Anderson's such a drip isn't he?  I mean, what's up with not being able to wear jewellery?  It sucks!  Females are allowed necklaces and bracelets and shit."  A girl walking behind him shoved his head with her backpack.  Ben kept eating.

"You don't talk much, do you?" The boy looked like he hadn't noticed having textbooks shoved into his head.  "No, that's okay."  The boy had now opened Ben's pudding and was jabbing the spoon in the air to make his points.  "I think the uniform policy sucks.  I mean, we go to a public school for a reason, and it's not to be compartmentalised.  Free speech, and all that shit."

He finally ate what was on the spoon.  Ben stopped listening.  He finished his sandwich and went to stand up.

"You don't eat much, do you?"  The other boy squinted at him suspiciously.  "I hope you're not anorexic, you're too pretty to be anorexic.  Here, have my orange."  He shoved it towards Ben, then pulled it away with a frown. "Only, you're not bulimic, are you?"  Ben shook his head, the boy shoved it at him again.  Ben picked it up and sat again.  The boy finished Ben's pudding.

"You have to peel it to eat it, you know."  Ben nodded, the boy stared until he started tearing the skin off and piling it neatly.  The boy kept staring.

"I have maths next.  The one with the horse face, you know?  Coke."

Ben cocked his head.  The boy elaborated.

"My name.  Coke."

Ben swallowed too quickly and choked.

"Ben.  And lipstick's against the uniform policy too."
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