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Title: Under A Beech Tree
Summary: This was originally a James, Sirius and Remus fic, but the names changed (except for Jim's) and they somehow became original characters!  I think I may have fallen slightly in love with them.  Anyway, the idea came to me from a Cyanide and Happiness comic.  Love 'em.
Word Count: 258


Two boys stood standing under a beech tree, talking lightly.  They stood huddled in thick coats, scarves and hats, and looked rather too cold to move.  The one with black hair and blue eyes started jumping up and down, singing loudly.  The other boy ignored him completely.  A third came over, with more clothes on then the other two and a pronounced scowl on his face.

"It's sodding freezing.  Who in their right mind would want us to meet outside in the middle of the sarden winter?"

The brunette with glasses replied with a sardonic smile.  "He's jumping."

"It warms you up!  You should try it Ben, then you wouldn't be so stuck up all the time!"

"It makes you look like an idiot.  Doesn't it make him look like an idiot Jim?"  The brunette nodded.  "See?  Now stop, I'm cold."
"Then jump!  It warms you up!"

Ben rolled his eyes.  "Alright, I can understand the jumping, but the singing?"

"It's Coke."

"It's fun!"

"Coke, just stop."

"Fine.  Don't complain to me when you get bored then!"

"I'm not worried about being bored, I'm sodding freezing my arse off here!"

"You're freezing?"

"Yes."  Coke leaned forward to lick Ben on the cheek.  Jim cuffed Coke on the back of the head, and Ben swiped at first Coke, then his cheek.

"Yea, maybe if you didn't lick me."  Ben said, then stormed off.  Coke turned around with a silly smile on his face.

"James, I got a Benny kiss!"  Jim laughed and followed their irate friend, Coke trailing behind.
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