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Title: Not Quite Safe

Summary: Quick fill for a prompt – the prompt was something along the lines of ‘with all that running they do there has to be some dragging along by the hand’.  So here we have Sherlock and John – after episode three, of course!

Word Count: 169 – I’m good at writing these ‘69’ fics!



He'd done it.  Sherlock Holmes had sodding done it.  Again.
Somehow Sherlock had managed to shoot the explosives and barrel them both into the water of the swimming pool before the explosion hit them.  But sodding Moriarty also managed to get into the pool in time.  I don't know how, he was standing next to the jacket.  Blasted genius sociopaths.
And now I'm running - and Sherlock is running - and being chased by a crazed sociopath (has he crossed the boundaries into psychopath?) with a gun who just spent the best part of the last half hour hitting on my roommate.  My roommate who seems to be strangely emotional.  For him.
And now the ground is yawning up towards me and my foot hurts and I think I stumbled and my hand's suddenly warm and I'm being yanked forward.  And I'm running again.
And my hand's still warm.


I smile as my hand clasps his and I pull him forward.  We're alive.  And not quite safe.

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