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Title: I love Thursdays

Summary: Chapter 3 of ‘Marauders’, in which James wants a shower, Remus needs coffee (for once), Sirius is far too chipper for the ungodly hour of breakfast on a Thursday and Peter is surprisingly shrewd.

Word Count: 814






It was still the first week of school, though it was Thursday.  Peter and James entered the Great Hall after finally giving up on the thought of having a shower that morning.  Remus was already at the table, as he had given up a while ago.  When Sirius was in the shower nothing could get him out.

Mornings were obviously not a good time for the Marauders.  They wore bleary eyes, crumpled clothes, and an obvious disregard for the food piled in front of them.  In fact, Peter looked like he was about to fall asleep on James’ shoulder, while James was eyeing a stack of toast, obviously wondering whether it was worth reaching the few inches, but decided that he would rather not get butter on his sleeves*.

Finally Remus seemed to come to his senses and started pouring himself some coffee.  Normally he could not abide the stuff, but today was an exception.  He was tired.  Three things happened when he reached for the coffee pot, James pitched forward into a plate of scrambled eggs, fast asleep; Sirius opened the doors with a bang, making everyone jump, which caused Remus to spill the coffee into the plate of eggs his friend’s head currently occupied. 

“OW!!!!!!!!!  BLOODY HELL REMUS!!!!!!”


“THAT HURT!!!!!!”

“Sorry.”  Remus couldn’t help but scowl.  Because of James (Sirius), Remus now had no way to wake himself up.

“What’s up with him?”

“WHO CARES!??!!!??!!!??!  MY HEAD IS BURNED!!!!!”


“H’lo Ambermoon, Wormy.  Prongs!  You got your shower after all!”


“Him.” Peter was now glaring suspiciously at Sirius, who was eating coffee-covered scrambled eggs out of the dish.

“What about him.  He’s Sirius.”

“He’s happy. It’s too early to be happy.”

“Wormy, Wormy, Wormy.  It’s never too early to be happy.”

“It is when it’s you.  You’re worse then James in the morning.”  Remus was now also glaring at Sirius, who, looking supremely unconcerned, dumped a pitcher of milk over James’ head, apparently to “cool the coffee!”

“See, Remus thinks so too.  What’s up.”

“It’s Thursday.”


“It’s Thursday!”  He was now helping himself to a sausage and a piece of toast – at the same time.

“What does that have to do with anything?”  Sirius’ comments about Thursday had even caused James to stop squawking.

“I like Thursdays.  Brilliant day.”

“You disliked them last year.  Thursday was your worst day.”

“Ah but Remy!  Thursday’s the day before Friday!”

“That’s why you hated them.”

“Yea, and say, don’t spray.”  James was brushing a disgusting looking combination of bread, spit and sausage off his jumper, it having jumped out of Sirius’ mouth on every ‘B’, ‘TH’ and ‘D’.

“Why do you like Thursday?”

“What’s not to like Wormy!  It’s the day before Friday!  We have our only spare together!  Then we have Potions, Charms, Transfig., and DADA!”

“All subjects we share with Slytherin’s!”

“What about Monday?”

“Pete, why do you want to know what days Sirius likes?”

“Remus, drink your coffee.  Caffeine addict.”


“Sure you’re not Rem-Baby.  You just need a pick-me-up.”  While talking, Sirius poured Remus his coffee, making it just the way he liked.  He also spread marmalade on some toast and placed it on James’ plate, and loaded Remus’ with eggs, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, and mushrooms, and then stirred about a litre of honey into a bowl of porridge before placing it next to the plate barely visible through the amount of protein loaded onto it.  Remus had a huge appetite after his morning coffee.  It was one of the few times he ate during the day.

“A wake-me-up you mean.”

“Just drink.  So Sirius, Monday?”

“uh… After break it’s good.  After lunch it’s great.”

“And Tuesday?”

“Almost as good as Monday!”

“What about Wednesday?”

“No, don’t like Wednesday.”

“At least the world hasn’t fallen on its face yet.”

“Drink.  Friday?”

“…It’s quite good?”

“Quite good?  Mate, are you mad?  You have double Herbology, double CoMC, then a DOUBLE SPARE with ME and PETE!”

“Not to mention that it’s the last day of the week!”


“I like Thursdays.  No, I love Thursdays.  Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with liking Thursday!”

“No, no.  Your quite right.  Nothing wrong with liking Thursday.  What do you want to do with our spare?”

“um, how about CHANGE?  I am soaked.”

And the conversation moved onto more mundane things, the incident almost entirely forgotten, put down as one of those things that happen when Sirius was in a mood.  Peter didn’t forget though.  The incident wasn’t put down as a “Sirius-ism”.  It was analysed thoroughly before being filed away for future reference.  And Sirius couldn’t help but wonder whether he had said more then he thought he had.



*"butter on my cuffs” is a line from “The Importance of Being Earnest”.

Snaps to whoever tells me how many times the word “Thursday” appears in this text!



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