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Title: The Boys get Timetables!
Summary: Well, I had no life and decided it would be fun to create hypothetical timetables for imaginary boys!  I then based the story around the timetables, and have finally decided that some things may make more sense to you lovely readers if you were able to look at what I was!  Especially for this next chapter.  So here we are!
Word Count: 316, but does it really matter?


Oh, and colour co-ordination.  'Cause I'm cool like that.
Well, it's actually kinda a bit difficult to see, so:
Light blue = Divination
Dark blue = Astronomy
Blue/green = Potions
Light green = Ancient Runes
Yellow/green = Care of Magical Creatures
Green = Herbology
Grey/brown = Transfiguration
Grey = Break, Lunch, Day or Time
Orange = Arithmancy
Red = Muggle Studies
Violet = Defence against the Dark Arts
White = Spare
Light yellow = History of Magic
Yellow = Charms
The timetables are in alphabetical order (Black, Lupin, Pettigrew, Potter) (hint: James and Peter's are the same), and the times are;
9.00 - period 1
9.50 - period 2
10.40 - break
10.55 - period 3
11.45 - period 4
12.35 - lunch
1.25 - period 5
2.15 - period 6
11.30 - astronomy extra period 1
12.20 - astronomy extra period 2
Black, Lupin, Pettigrew timetable

potter timetable


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