May. 22nd, 2011

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I am so ridiculously sorry for the 20-something emails you recieved a few days ago about me uploading DPs.

Lesson learned: just because you can, doesn't mean you should.  Also, I seriously miscalculated and you don't get unlimited so I can't put up a different one for every post.  Probably thank Christ, yea?

Anyhoo, that was the first and probably primary point.  Now, what this is actually about might be a bit of a blabber, but probably not, so we'll see if I need a LJ cut, Y/Y? Right.

I'm almost certain of two things.  Both are things I think I probably shouldn't be doing.

1:  When I watch FortySomething ep.6, in the scene where Rory and Daniel Slippery are sitting drunk on the bed in their new house, I probably shouldn't be thinking: "They should totally have sex.  Or at least make out a little bit."  (also, btw, I was watching Baseketball last night and the main character and his best friend were fighting, but just about to make up (you know those scenes).  Anyway, they were standing with about 10cm space b/w their faces, looks of dawning realisation breaking over them, and we were all saying "They should totally kiss", etc. (not expecting it at all, it was just that the atmosphere was completely charged) and they did!  They had a full on (sloppy) make-out session!  It was brilliant, especially because the main character then went and got the main female love interest!!!!)

2:  I probably shouldn't be able to identify Hugh Laurie through a shot of his chin and neck.

That is all.
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Title: Five times Sgt. Sally Donovan contemplated putting a bullet in Sherlock (and one time she took a bullet for him).
Summary: Written for this prompt on the BBC Sherlock kink_meme.  Sort of turned more into "Five times Sgt. Sally Donovan was wrong about Sherlock (and one time she realised it)."  Sgt. Sally Donovan hates Sherlock Holmes, enough to save his life.  But only after shooting him first (mentally).
Word Count: 1738

Five times Sgt. Sally Donovan contemplated putting a bullet in Sherlock (and one time she took a bullet for him) )


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